Natural Favor of Cotton and Burlap Bag with Rosary, Jordan Almonds Personalized with a Religious Tag

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Complete Fancy Natural religious Favor that consists of a Chic White Cotton Favor Bag With Burlap Heart Applique artistically assembled with a small rosary or praying angel with 5 Jordan almonds inside and personalized with a religious Italian favor Tag.

- Size of the bag: 4"" x 5 1/2""
- Your choice of a Small gold and pearl mini-rosary or small praying angel artistically assembled on the bag.
- 5 Superfine Jordan almonds in protected food safe pouch insde the bag
- Personalized religious tag imprinted attached to the bag

This unique favor is completely assembled, personalized and ready to hand out! It comes already assembled with a personalized Italian favor tag with your message and the rosary is applied to the bag to make it a truly unique favor.