Italian Tiramisu Crispo Snob Gourmet Confetti Dragees - 500 grams Box, 1.1 Pound

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Italian Tiramisu Crispo Snob Confetti Dragées - Toasted confetti Covered with Fine Chocolate Tiramisu and white Sugar Layers - 1 Pound

The finest Dragées Roasted Almonds imported from Italy and sold by the pound. It consists of a unique texture of

selected roasted almonds with 2 layers: a Tiramisu white chocolate coating and a soft, thin sugar coating for a

great taste! Price listed is for 1 pound. There are approximately 100 pieces per pound. Mostly this item comes packed in a 1 Kilo box which is equal to 2.2 lbs.

"Snob" by Confetti Crispo: Italian Tiramisu Dragées

Ship Fresh and Fast, exclusive, unique tastes

- Toasted candy covered in an Fine Tiramisu white chocolate coating, a perfect treat for parties, birthdays, and especially weddings or baptisms

- Snob Confetti Crispo, Imported from Italy